Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What I Love About Autumn

I saw a tweet a couple of days ago listing all the things that that the user loved about the Autumn and ill have to admit I got a little bit excited myself, being born in the depths of winter the Autumn/Winter is definitely when I thrive.

So with this excitement I thought I would share with you what my favourite things are about this time of year.

1. Cosy-ing up on the sofa under blanket 
2. Hot Chocolates
3. Darker evenings
4. Big cosy jumpers that hide a multitude of sins
5. The crunch of leaves under your feet 
6. Wood lit fires 
7. Bonfire Night - Fireworks are so magical
8. Hot home made soup lunches with a crusty roll
9. Dark colours back in my wardrobe plums, maroons, deep reds
10. All the American TV shows returning to our screens
11. A crisp chill in the air
12. Scarves, gloves and woolly hats
13. Cold but bright sunny days
14. Walks in the countryside all wrapped up for the cold
15. Not having to worry to much about a beach body for at least six months
16. Wearing boots again
17. Hearty evening meals like Toad in the Hole and Pies
18. Warm cosy pyjamas and fluffy slippers
19. A big soft dressing gown felling like its giving a nice big hug
20. Home made sausage rolls 
21. the excitement of Christmas being just around the corner!

So these are some of my favourite things about autumn and I cant wait for it to get here! What do you love about Autumn please let me know in the comments?

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