Saturday, 5 November 2016

How I Planned My NYC Trip with Round the World Experts

I recently booked a trip to New York using the company Round the World Experts and I thought I would share my experience with you.

I was recommended this company by my Mum who used them to book our family trip to the US and Canada in 2014, we went to Toronto, Las Vegas and Los Angeles over a two week period and this company sourced us cheap flights and also two hotels, one in Toronto for the three days we were there and one in Los Angles as a lay over before we drove to Las Vegas. Knowing what a good deal she was able to get when it came to booking my trip to New York she reminded me of this company and after checking out other options they came up as the cheapest - I know this wont happen in all circumstances but its certainly worth checking to make sure you have as many options to explore as possible.

Now although this company has a website that gives you an idea of the locations that they can help you plan trips to, you deal with an agent over the phone to make your booking and to help you plan your trip. When you first call up you are asked what part of the world you wish to travel to from an automated list and if you are planning a complete round the world trip there is an all other inquiries option, you are then put through to the relevant team who specialise in this area who can help you to plan and book what you would like.

I was put through to a very helpful agent called Anna who is part of the North American team and I told her what I wanted: 4 nights in NYC in March 2017 with flights from my local airport Newcastle International and a central location hotel. This was all searched for and I was given options for timings for my flights making sure I had plenty of time between my flight at my connections in Heathrow Airport. We then discussed hotel options, as I'll be travelling with my cousin before I started my research we had discussed what kind of hotel we wanted to stay in. We wanted a central hotel in either Manhattan or Brooklyn close to local transport and within easy reach of the main attractions. I explained all this to the agent and she gave me a few options, while I was on the phone I was googling the different options and sent the links to my cousin to see what she thought. We eventually decided on the Affinia Manhattan NYC a very central hotel right next to Madison Square Gardens and Penn Station and incredibly close to places like the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Centre.

This is a screen shot I sent to my cousin to show her how close
our hotel is to everything

Once we had decided on these main aspects of the trip the agent went on to discuss options of things to see and do, this company can organise various things extra to flights and accommodation which is really helpful. I was offered theatre tickets and hop on hop off bus tour tickets that included various tickets for museums and art galleries. At this point as myself and my cousin hadn't discussed in detail what exactly we wanted to do I stuck to the flights and hotel and booked these knowing I could come back and add these things at a later date if I wanted to. I paid a deposit of £100 to secure everything and have been making payments every month breaking down the cost into manageable chunks, another great service they offer (please bare in mind they only offer this service on package trips like the one I've booked). It turned out we could get hop on hop off bus tour tickets with entrance to five attractions included in the ticket cheaper than the ones offered from this company so I would suggest doing a little research elsewhere to find some deals before you make a booking, as I said you can always add them on to your booking at a later date if you want to.

Overall so far I have had a very pleasent experience with this company and they have been very helpful and gave good advice on flights and good hotel recommendations. Making my payments has been very easy and I have had no problems whatsoever. I make my last payment in December so all that will be left to do then is to get excited.

Have you used Round the World Experts for booking trips before? Did you find this post helpful, would you think about using this company when planning your own trips? Please do let me know in the comments.

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  1. This sounds brill! We're planning a trip to America next year so will certainly check this out! xo


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