Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wish List ~ European Cities

Living in the UK gives give me a great opportunity to see Europe as most destinations are only a short flight away, and a lot of the budget airlines fly to all the wonderful picturesque cities in Europe. While I have had the opportunity to see many of the wonderful cities that Europe has to offer there are still so many places I want to see and so I thought I'd share with you all what they are!

Florence, Italy

I've always loved Italy, the history, the food, the culture its a county that I'm sure ill never tire of visiting. I've been to Rome and Venice already and Florence has been on my wish list for quite sometime. The photos I've seen give me major travel envy and I really want to see the museums, the churches and the architecture. I would love to just wonder around the city looking at all the wonderful beautiful statues, monuments and piazzas, taking a stroll along the Ponte Vecchio looking at the shops that sit on top of this bridge. Eating and drinking my way around the city taking in all this wonderful place has to offer.

Carcassonne, France

I first became aware of this medieval city from reading the book Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and from there I decided to do a little more research. From this research this place sounded right up my alley medieval history almost perfectly preserved giving you a real glimpse into what life would have been like in medieval times. I'd love to lose myself walking around the tiny twisting and turning alleys taking in the picturesque historic fortress. The Cite itself was said to have inspired Sleeping Beauty's castle and the Disney girl in me just love this! There are jousting competitions held throughout the summer, something id love to experience and getting to do this in medieval surroundings will only add to the experience.

Prague, Czech Republic

Quite a few people I know have been here and I've never heard a bad thing said. My parents went to Prague for a cultural long weekend and one of my cousins went for a Hen Party weekend, so as you can see It's a real versatile city that has a lot to offer. I love a castle, and Prague Castle being the biggest ancient castle in the world makes me very excited to see it, the castles location as well is a big draw sitting above the city I imagine to views are to die for. The Old Town is also somewhere I'd love to explore taking in the old buildings and monuments and having a look at the Astronomical Clock. Not forgetting the New Town with museums, shops and restaurants to be discovered this is also the part of town where the trendy bars and clubs can be found.

Barcelona, Spain

My first experience of Spain was the town of Benidorm, now I'm not knocking those people that love to visit this resort its great the beach is lovely and the town has really embraced the British holiday makers making it almost a home from home, but for me I want to get away to see new cultures and experience things that I wouldn't be able to back home. I like to take in some history, museums etc. so this is why Barcelona is on my list, not only does it have a gorgeous beach to catch some sun but the city is chock full of culture from the Architecture in particular the buildings of Antoni Gaudi to Las Ramblas a walkway full of street performers, bars and restaurants, almost like Covent Gardens.

Budapest, Hungary

I've been following Aaron a traveller on both Snapchat and Instagram for a couple of months now and he is currently in this gorgeous city giving me major travel envy once again. The Parliament building and the Royal Palace are two of the main attractions that I'd like to visit but the city has an abundance of museums and galleries that attract many tourists so there is plenty to keep you busy. There are various view points that offer some great views of the city which I would most definitely like too take in.

Athens, Greece

Now I've heard good and bad things about Athens and I'm having mixed feelings about whether to go or not, but then I think sometimes you just have to see places for yourself to make up your own mind, so I'm keeping it on my wish list. I've always had a fascination with ancient cultures since a young age and Athens being the centre of the Ancient Greek world it seem like a no brainer that I should go and see this historically rich city for myself. At the top of the list of things I'd like to see is the Acropolis, the ancient town of Athens and on top of the hill the Parthenon a temple built for the goddess Athena the Goddess of War and patron of Athens. There are loads of other ancient sights to experience as well as museums parks and gardens to explore. I'm also a huge fan of Greek food so any chance to tuck in to some Gyros is fine by me so I'm sure there will be plenty of cute Taverna's to discover.

Of course there are tonnes more cities that I want to visit but for now these are the main ones and ones that I would like to make my priority and I absolutely cannot wait to discover everything that these gorgeous cities have to offer.


  1. Florence is a truly wonderful city! I have been twice and on the second time my now-husband even proposed to me there! So maybe I'm a little biased, but I think it's a great place. Easily walkable and within a good distance to other places so if you go for a week you can have a day trip somewhere else. Fiesole is about 20km from Florence and you can walk there if you enjoy hiking. My OH and I did that and it was a perfect day trip.

    Pargue and Budapest are also two places that I have visited and loved. It was many years ago but my OH and I went Interrailing and these were two of our stops. Really beautiful places with lovely people.

    I'd also think about Poland, I went to Warsaw last year and loved it, I hear that Krakaw is even better. The people, the place, it's all really nice.

    I hope you get to make some of these trips!

    ~ K

    1. Wow not that I needed selling but Florence sounds even better, I will most definitely be making an effort to visit soon! I will definitely be looking at Poland now too! Thank you for your lovely comment!


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