Sunday, 7 August 2016

Travel Essentials

Depending on where you are travelling and what you will be doing on you're trip depends on what you would pack to take away with you, but there are some essentials that you need to take with you no matter the destination or the time of year and climate and I'm going to let you know what I like to take with me on any trip I may take.

Travel Insurance

This is the most important item you can take away with you, whether you need to actually use it or not having an insurance policy gives you piece of mind. You can get single trip or annual policies depending on how often you are likely to travel and some good deals can be found on comparison websites. You can chose the level of cover you get with even some of the basic ones offering very good cover from lost luggage to flight delays and medical cover which is most important as medical costs abroad can be very expensive should you need it. I had to use my Travel Insurance two years ago, I travelled to Toronto with British Airways and flew from my local Airport of Newcastle to Toronto via Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 my luggage made it from Newcastle to Terminal 5 but due to a baggage system malfunction at T5 my luggage never made it to Toronto. For the two weeks I was away I never received my luggage only being reunited with it on my return home. A quick read of my insurance policy meant that I could buy clothes and essentials keep the receipts and then claim back the money spent on my return. When it came to my claim there was no dispute and a cheque was promptly sent to me in the post. Now I know not all experiences with claiming on your insurance will be this pleasant,  but it's still well worth having.

Travel Pillow

This is always a necessity when it comes to travel for me, you never know when you'll need it. From catching a few z's in the departure lounge or on your flight to long car or bus journeys. Being able to get my head down comfortably is so important. You also don't know how comfortable pillows provided in hotels etc. are going to be so it's always nice to know you have your own. I got mine in Primark last year and it was relatively inexpensive but super comfy, you can also buy ones that have memory foam in them taking that comfort to an all new level.


If like me you love to take pictures where ever you go then you wont leave for a trip without a camera. I am by no means a professional photographer so I just have a Sony Bridge Camera, which doesn't require any other camera equipment which is great and the quality of the images I get with this camera suits my needs and are pretty decent. I also take some pictures using my phone so as long as I have one or the other I'm good to go.

Plug Adapters

If you want to use any electronics while abroad then you are going to need a plug adapter. You can get country specific ones or worldwide ones that you know know will cover you wherever you happen to be in the world, you can even get adapters now that have USB ports in them so you can charge and use all electronics to your hearts content.

Power Bank 

Along the lines of your plug adapters, this just allows you to charge any phones or tablets while you are out and about so you can Instagram that beautiful city scene or Snapchat your trips and not have to worry about running low on power. I picked up this one in Tesco for £25 and has 4000 mPh which should give two full charges of a phone and one for a tablet. They come in all shapes and designs so I'm sure you'll find one that suits your needs.

Pain Killers

This is an essential I take with me everywhere whether I'm travelling or not, because you never know when you'll need some pain killers for yourself for a friend etc. Just an all round useful thing to have on your person. I usually take with me Co-Codamol and Ibuprofen as one works well for muscle pain and the other for pain more in the bone and both together cover all your bases. It's also recommended to take any hay fever medication if you are a suffer and its goes without saying you should always carry with you and prescribed medication you need to take regularly.

These are items ill take with me no matter the destination or time of year. Depending on where I'm going and the time of year and weather ill take some other essentials which I plan to share with you all soon so keep an eye out for that!

What are your Travel Essentials please let me know in the comments below?

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