Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Favourite Foodie Snapchatters

If you're anything like me and love looking at gorgeous pictures on Instagram of Food and all the amazing places around the world to eat then stick with me! Its from this obsession that I discovered that some of the Instagram accounts I follow also use Snapchat as a way of showing me what gorgeous places they go to eat and the fun and frolics that follow this. So I decided to share with you today some of my favourite Foodie Snapchatters!

Devour Power
Snapchat Name: devourpower 

This is the first account I started following and My God I'm so glad I did, even if I do get massive food envy from watching their snaps. The account is ran by a cute couple that live in New York and everyday they visit some amazing restaurants and eateries snapping as they go. They are mostly New York based so if you are looking for some off the beaten track places to eat in New York you really must check them out. They will also share food snaps from any destinations they visit, on their recent trip to London they went to some amazing looking eateries that I'd never heard of but will certainly be checking out next time I'm in the capital.

Food with Michel 
Snapchat Name: foodwithmichel

I discovered Michel when he did a takeover of the Devour Power account and I loved his little day out in San Francisco I decided that I absolutely needed to follow him. Michel is LA based and again showcases the best that the LA food scene has to offer from Tacos to Korean BBQ he goes absolutely everywhere eating some amazing looking food, making me want to go back to LA just for the food. His fave place is a Korean BBQ spot that gives you this little table top BBQ to cook your meat on and then around the side are some little trays with Cheese and Corn that melts from the heat of the BBQ and he goes crazy for it and i must admit it does look good.

Stir and Style 
Snapchat Name: stirandstyle

I think I found this account from following her Instagram account and June is the nicest girl she so sweet on her snaps I love her. She is also LA based but does a bit of travelling and shares her foodie adventures too. June mixes food snaps with a look at her personal style (hence the name) so she also shares fashion items etc. with her followers. She does give a focus on more Asian cuisine and shows some of her home made creations to so a real balance. 

There are many more Foodie Snapchatters that I follow but these are my top three and I do look forward to seeing where they are and what they are eating each day. My food envy is from watching these snap stories is insane.

Let me know your favourite Foodie Snapchatters in the comments below?

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