Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Future of Little Miss Lines

I have recently tried getting back into writing content for my blog and I've written a few new posts mostly beauty and one, a more of a lifestyle piece. But I still don't feel that same passion I did when I first started, and it occurred to me that's because I don't have the same passions in life as I did when I started up Little Miss Lines. I still love to write and I especially love to write blog posts so in order to keep this up I had to think about the future of Little Miss Lines.

So I have decided that in order to keep me writing  I need to change the direction this blog is going in. I plan to move away from the beauty posts that I usually frequent and focus more on lifestyle and travel posts. As I have grown up a lot over that last few years its has become clear to me that although I do love my beauty products and luxuries its not something I enjoy writing about any more. I would rather spend my time and hard earned cash on a lush meal in a new found eatery or on a trip abroad feeding the travel bug that lives within me, so I would like to write more about these topics and exploring these interests and sharing my experience with you all. 

I always thought that working in full time employment meant that I was forever destined to the All Inclusive beach holidays that don't get me wrong I do love and will I'm sure still go on in the future, but I never thought I'd be able to see the world the way someone who is travelling in their gap year or someone who gave up their rat race to travel the world. It always seemed like an experience that would never happen for me, that was until very recently when I came across the travel blog 'A Dangerous Business' and reading some of her posts gave me the push I needed to just go for it and make travel fit around my life and not the other way around. Two particular articles that struck a chord with me were 'You Can Live a "Normal" Life and Travel, Too' and 'Why Travelling as a Female Rocks (And Why it Sucks)' and if you're like me worried about working and travelling and also about the safety of solo travelling then you should give these and the other very informative articles a read. I'm looking forward to reading her other posts about various destinations and ways and means of travelling around the world. 

I have also recently had a few changes happen recently in my personal life which has totally changed my outlook on life and this has also given me that push to want to see more of the world and not have to rely on anyone to come with me! I can do this on my own and I'm likely going to meet some amazing like minded people when I do, getting me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to grow more independent in the process. I also have a very strong idea of where I want my life to head career wise and that is full time employment so ridding myself of the misconceptions that I need to chuck that all away in order to see the world is very empowering for me right now, and doing a little research and some planning means that I can still pursue my career goals whilst also making sure that my personal ones don't get left by the way side. 

I have been very lucky in my life so far to have had the opportunity to travel to places such as America and Australia but these were part of family holidays and I'm very grateful to my parents for giving these opportunities to me and I think it is from these holidays that I caught the travel bug, but as I'm older now and I still hope to go on family holidays in the future, I'm going to take matters into my own hands and make my own memories and experiences making new friends along the way.

I know from reading up to now it seems like Little Miss Lines is to become a travel blog which I guess it will become travel heavy but I'm also a girl who loves to eat, so I'd also like to share more of the places I go out to eat and sharing foodie tips and any recipes that I think you guys may like. I've recently been trying out some of those Buzz Feed Tasty recipes that pop up on Facebook timelines regularly so I think it might be fun to share with you how I go with recreating them. I love when I'm out and about for a day finding a new restaurant to eat at so you can expect some restaurant reviews on here to.

I hope that you will stick with me during this change but I'm sure you will all agree you need to produce content that you are proud of and happy with or else it will just feel forced and that is not good for anyone really. Posts in this early stage wont be regular as I need to actually get out there and get some experiences under my belt but I have some exciting things planned for the near future so I'm really excited for what my future holds and excited that I can have the best of both worlds a Life Work Balance if you will.

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