Sunday, 31 July 2016

Solo Travelling ~ Why Now?

I've always loved visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures and I've always done this either with family or friends. I'm quite the shy introverted person and I can get anxious in unfamiliar situations and places and I've used this as an excuse to not get away more often. I like to have at least something a little familiar around me to help me feel safe and able to enjoy my experience.

I'm 27, single with no ties so you'd think, great yeah go out there do what you want see the world! But I have just never had the courage to do so, that was until recently something just clicked in my head like why am I always waiting for other people, people who have their own lives and there own things going on, it can be difficult getting things organised so if I want to go I should just go. Get over yourself Lisa you're not getting any younger and who knows what's around the corner. I still hope to go away on trips with friends and family but now I wont be waiting so long in between trips.

So I have decided to give Solo Travelling a go! I plan to start small with a 3 or 4 day trip some where in Europe, ease myself in to the experience slowly so I don't overwhelm myself and get put off. From the research I have done there are some good deals to be had with companies like Contiki and Busabout these companies specialise in organised bus tours all over the world. Using a travel company like those mentioned I think will be a good start as technically I will be travelling on my own  but ill get to meet some like minded people on the journey and this experience will force me out of my comfort zone.

I really hope that pushing myself to do things that aren't part of my usual  routine will really open my mind and inspire me to try more new experiences. It is my ultimate aim to say yes to more experiences in life no FOMO for me. I think the dipping my toe method will work well for me allowing myself to get used to this new experience on my own terms and building myself up to bigger and better things.

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