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Fat Hippo Underground ~ Shakespeare Street Newcastle

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So as you will all know by now I love my food and any opportunity I get to eat out, you bet ya bottom dollar I'm going to take it. If I could afford to id never eat in again but alas the Champagne Lifestyle will have to wait a few more years while I build my empire!!

So last weekend I had arranged to meet up with an old friend Jenny to talk travel plans and just have a general catch up, we have both wanted to try this place for sometime so we saw this as the perfect opportunity to give it a go. We had originally planned on visiting the Durham branch as this was closer for us but from watching the news during the week it was the weekend of the Miners Gala in the city centre so we thought it best to stay away as it can be very busy and we were not likely to get a table or navigate our way around the city as easily as we would have liked. So it was then decided that we should just make a day of it and go to Newcastle do a bit of shopping and then finish the day with some tasty burgers!

So after a very successful day hitting the shops and a little stop off at the Botanist for a little drink we made our way to the Fat Hippo, we had booked a table as were unsure of how busy it was likely to be, it was around 16:30 by this time and we needn't have worried because they seemed to have plenty of tables and a steady flow of customers. I imagine if you wanted to go later in the evening on a weekend it may well be worth booking as it did seem like a popular spot.

Once we had been seated we settled in and started to peruse the menu to make our food choices for the evening. I went for the Texas Burger, two 4oz beef burgers with streaky bacon, cheese onion rings and topped with BBQ sauce. I upgraded my fries to the Dirty Fries which were skinny fries topped with Fat Hippo Sauce (Think Cajun Mayo) and bacon bits, delicious. I also went for the Mac and Cheese Balls starter to come along as a side dish with the burger. The burger was so tasty a little pink in the middle and super juicy and the toppings were perfect. I only managed to eat half of it because it was quite big, my friend made me feel better about leaving half by saying that I technically ate one burger because of the two beef patties haha! Now the Mac and Cheese Balls were my fave, they are just the best invention ever it was Mac and Cheese rolled into balls dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried, they were served with a white BBQ sauce which I didn't think much of but I asked for extra Fat Hippo Sauce and this combination was just lush. Jenny went for the PB&J Burger, two 4oz beef burgers topped with chunky peanut butter cheese and homemade bacon jam. She stuck to plain skinny fries to come with her burger and then ordered the Deep Fried Gherkins as a side. From all the noises she was making it seemed like a messy burger but very tasty nonetheless and she did so well managing to eat pretty much all of it save a little bit of the burger bun, but all meat was demolished and she also enjoyed the Deep Fried Gherkins too.

As we had a little bit of time before our train home we gave it a little wait and then ordered some dessert. Nothing to heavy as I was still feeling very full even after half an hour so I just went for the Lemon Sorbet which after the heavy meal we had just devoured was refreshing and a great palette cleanse. Jenny went for the Sorbet and added a little of the Chocolate Ice Cream to go along with it. They did have other options such as a Belgian Waffle and Chocolate Brownie but I honestly don't know after those burgers how anyone could manage them!!

This place offers some pretty amazing burgers and is definitely up there with some of my favourite burger joints. It's somewhere I would like to come back to, I would like to try the Durham branch on a weekend that is not to busy as I can imagine that it will be just as good and from a snap I have seen on their Instagram the views look stunning so that's on the agenda!

Fat Hippo have branches in Newcastle, Jesmond, and Durham so if you in any of these areas you should go check it out!

*Photos supplied by Jenny Stabler @jennys._lens

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