Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Day Out ~ York Dungeon

A couple of weekends ago I was asked by York Dungeon* to go along and review the Dungeons as part of their Halloween celebrations running from 17th October to the 2nd November. I had read up on what extra tricks and treats they were laying on for the Halloween festivities and from my research I was quite excited that they had a new character The Master of Tricks who armed with his Wheel of Misfortune promised to bamboozle guests with his wit and games of deception. I asked my sister if she would like to come along as we are both huge scaredy cats I knew we would both enjoy being terrified by the experience.

York Dungeon is right in the centre of York and our Park and Ride bus stop was only a few metres away from the entrance which was very convenient. It is on Clifford Street close to the main shopping streets and other attractions. Like all Dungeon experiences in cities throughout Europe it is designed as a gory horror museum showcasing local factual events through history.

We had booked to go on the 13:30 tour and when we arrived there wasn’t much of a queue only waiting a short while before we had our pictures taken against a green screen. Once our picture where taken we made our way into a holding area where a small group is taken on the tour that follows the story of York’s darkest History. There are 11 different stories in total with around 8 containing live actors helping to bring history to life.

The sets where very realistic helping to keep the authentic themes and also helping tell the story especially the rooms that had no live actors these rooms where were the sets came into their own and I was very impressed. The rooms that had live actors would pick an unwilling member of the group to partake in the different scenarios helping them to tell the story and giving the rest of the group a good laugh as usually the scenarios where very funny.

So having visited the Dungeons I was hugely impressed by the standard of not only the actors involved but by the set and use of technology, this kept the whole group captivated throughout the tour and everyone was on edge wondering who or what would pop up next. The actors were superb and stayed in character throughout injecting their enthusiasm ensuring that no one was left bored.

 The only thing I was disappointed by was the fact that I never got the chance to meet the Master of Tricks. I don’t know why he never made an appearance it may be as we went along on 2nd November and it was very quiet who knows. Despite this I can’t recommend York Dungeon enough as a great day out attraction in York anytime of year.

If you want more information about York Dungeon including Opening Times and Ticket Prices then take a look at their website by clicking HERE.

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