Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bucket List Update

A few months ago now I decided to write myself a Bucket List of things I’d like to do before I die and since I thought up what I wanted to achieve and experience I’ve been a busy little bee and ticked off a few things. I think I may have to add a few more if I think of any as Im always thinking ooh id love to do that! Anyway here is an update on what I have ticked off my list so far.

Have a drink in an Ice Bar

Probably the most disappointing experience so far! Back in April I had a weekend in London planned to see my cousin so we decided to go to the London Ice Bar and see what all the fuss was about, from looking on the website it was made out to be an amazing experience and a lush ultra modern space with a fun atmosphere. That was not what I thought. We were given a poncho and gloves to wear on arrival and then we entered the Bar, a really cramped space that was packed full of people and was really difficult to move around, your entry ticket included a drink in a glass made of ice which I didn’t think to much of, pre mix cocktails from Tesco tasted better than the drink I had. We snapped a few pictures and after 20 minutes (Ticket allows you to stay for 45 minutes) we decided to leave as there wasn’t much going on the music was rubbish and just too many people bumping into you. I’m glad I can say I’ve ticked this experience off my list but I’m just disappointed that it wasn’t what I thought it would be, I’ve been told that the same version of this in Amsterdam and Florida are way better so I may give those ago if I ever get the chance to visit. I certainly won’t be in any hurry to go back to London’s Ice Bar.!

See the Show Wicked in the West End or Broadway

On the same trip to London myself and Rhyanon (my cousin) had decided to go see if we could get tickets to see Wicked and we booked our tickets mega cheap by going to the box office and seeing what they had on offer the same day. We saw the Matinee performance with front row seats for the bargain price of only £29. We were told by the gentleman who served us in the box office that people sat behind us would have paid £65 so we felt pretty smug! The show was everything I had expected it to be and more, the songs were catchy and helped tell the story and the costumes and set design were some of the best I’ve seen from a West End show! I had the best time and I would recommend this show to anyone even if you’re not a fan of the Wizard of Oz (this show is a sort of prequel to the film) like my cousin you will still enjoy yourself and have an amazing time. I would say to anyone if you want some cheap West End tickets pop into the box office of the show you would like to see in the morning and see what they can offer you, you might be pleasantly surprised like I was!

Stand under a Waterfall

I’m still going to keep this on my list as this wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I put it on my list but it still counts none the less! On my summer holiday this year I went to Canada and America. While in Canada we were staying in Toronto which is about 2 hours away from Niagara Falls, we went down for the day and as part of the experience that we booked we had the opportunity to go behind the falls. They dug a man made tunnel into the rock that makes up the falls and you walk down, they had two openings which allowed you to see behind the falls. It really gave you a sense of the power of the water that goes over the falls and although what I imagined was a tropical waterfall like you see in films etc. I still thought the whole experience was amazing!

Visit Hoover Dam

When we staying in Las Vegas we had gone out to Boulder City to experience a traditional small town 4thJuly Celebration, after the parade in Boulder City we decided to take a trip to the Hoover Dam. We went on a boat trip first and saw the Dam from underneath and then we drove over the state line to Arizona as they had better parking and walked over the dam. The structure is just massive and you could do a proper tour, but my mum was not feeling to great because of the heat but just walking over the top was amazing. I was disappointed that Bumblebee never showed up but oh well.

Have my picture taken by the Hollywood Sign and Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

I've only managed to get a snap of me by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign! I thought that I had my picture taken with me and the Hollywood sign but I cant find it anywhere which sucks but it also means that ill have to go back and do it again what a shame haha!

Like I said at the start I’ve ticked off quite a few things and I will add more as things occur to me. I’m still quite young I don’t want to have done everything then be sat at home bored so it’s an ongoing project that I will keep updating. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I have achieved so far from my Bucket List. Id love to know what is on your Bucket Lists too.

You can see what else is on my list by clicking HERE.


  1. I'd love to see Wicked but can't as the lighting would make me poorly - really hope they make it into a film like they did with Les Mis! Bucket lists are a great idea, but I don't think I could make one - I'd get frustrated if it looked like I wasn't able to do some of the things on the list! Xx

    1. Ahh no that's such a shame! Let's hope they make a film for you then!! I did umm and ahh over making one but it's given me a real determination to achieve things and has given me a real zest for life. I've tired not to pick things that are to unattainable so I hope I can get them all done! X


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