Monday, 29 July 2013

Something Different | Akbars of Bradford Indian Resaurant


I've mentioned this Restaurant briefly in my What I Wore .... Fathers Day Meal! It's been a firm favourite of the Lines Family for a few years now and we always find an excuse to make a visit.

We first came across the restaurant about 5 years ago now. I had gone on a little trip to Bradford with my parents and we wanted to have a meal out while in the city. You can't go to Bradford without experiencing some lush curries. While in the shopping centre we ran into the waiter from our local restaurant who commutes to Richmond for work, he recommended somewhere to try and we made our way over. When we got to the restaurant it was closed for a private function but we were told to try Akbars. The restaurant was quite quiet when we arrived and so we were seated quite quickly and the service was impeccable. As the evening wore on the restaurant became busier and busier and we could see why the food was amazing quality and very tasty and the customer service was first class. 

Since this first visit we discovered that they had branches in Leeds and York, these are cities that we visit more often than Bradford so were very pleased by this discovery. 

As the popularity of this Indian Restaurant Franchise has grown so has the number of branches. You can now go visit an Akbars in Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Glasgow and the one I frequent the most is the Middlesbrough branch. 

The Lines (Rutherford, My sisters married name but she'll always be a Lines to me) Family made a little visit on Saturday as we had gone to Teesside Park and like I've said we always make an excuse to go. 

If you are going to visit Akbars without a reservation you need to get there early, if you leave it any later you can have a bit of a wait for a table. We tend to get there early so we don't have to wait and then we can get back to Richmond in plenty of time it's a out a 30 minute journey. They also cater for parties and large groups which is good so if your planning an event you need to bare this restaurant in mind. 

As always the staff were friendly and welcoming and couldn't do enough for you. A nice little touch that I noticed was that they sprinkled some rose petals on the table as we arrived, super cute. Our food was delivered to the table by the chefs, it's nice to see the guy that has made a real effort to make your food so enjoyable. We were offered Popadums and some pickles when we had settled in which is all we usually have for a starter as the portion sizes of the mains are quite big.


Me and my sister ordered the Chicken Tikka Makhani

Daddy Lines ordered the Lamb Handi

Mummy Lines ordered the Chicken Tikka and Lamb Keema Balti

and Ryan (Sisters Husband) ordered Lamb and Mushroom Dopiaza

As a side we ordered some Pilau Rice and a Family Nan Bread which was absolutely massive but was great size for the 5 of us. 


Most times we end up taking some home because we can't finish it but we must of been hungry as we only had some rice and a bit of bread left over. 

The menu is the same in all the branches so if your interested in what other food is in offer you can have a look at the Akbars Website. The website also has all contact details for each restaurant so if your want to book a table you can do.

If you have visited Akbars before let me know what you thought?

I'm enjoying writing more lifestyle posts and I hope that you enjoy reading them! Ill be sharing more posts like this when I think that they may be if interest. I hope you don't mind. 

Lisa x 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

London Weekend

Hey Guys,

So a few weeks a go i went down south to visit my cousin Rhyanon! We had soo much fun being tourists in London for the day, then we hit Clapham for a night on the town!

Me and Rhy outside Buckingham Palace.
We started off our little tour at Buckingham Palace then walked up to Picadilly Circus and then on to Leicester Square! They have an M&M World recently open up there so was excited to check it out, when walked in the smell of chocolate was so strong we couldn't stay there for long but did get a few snaps before we left!
Picadilly Circus
Me and a Beefeater M&M
We then made our way down to Trafalgar Square and then down Whitehall to Westminster. While we were walking down Whitehall there were loads of screaming people outside the MOD building so we went to see what was going on and some Security look person told us that 'A short American Scientologist' was filming on location which can only be Tom Cruise! We couldnt be bothered to hang around to see if it was so carried on walking.
Me and Rhy in Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square Fountain
Big Ben
London Eye
After Westminster we made our way over to London Kings Cross Station so we could have our picture taken at Platform 9 3/4! As a bit of a 'Harry Potter' geek i was in my element and the guy who was pretending to be a Conductor made the queue time go quickly, and when we got to the front they even lent you a House scarf and Harry Potter glasses if you wanted! I was obviously and Griffindor!
After Kings Cross we headed over to Oxford Street to do some shopping then we came back to Leicester Square to have a Chiquto's amazing Mexican food and we started as we meant to go on with a Strawberry Daiquri!
As I said earlier we then made our way to Rhyanon's friends house in Clapham for a night on the town!

The rest of the weekend was spent dealing with my hangover haha!

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