Sunday, 25 September 2016

Why I Don't Want to Give Up Working to Travel!

I have had the travel bug from a young age, I've always looked forward to family holidays abroad and long weekends hopping across to some of the wonderful cities Europe has to offer as well as some of the cities here in the UK. I have been very lucky to have experienced so many different countries and cultures already in my life and I hope to see and explore many more and also revisit some of my favourite places too.

I also have some career ambitions too and its taken me until now at the age of 27 to figure out what it is that I want to do with my life, and I am currently studying for a degree in International Studies through the Open University. Studying this way allows me to keep my full time job that I currently have working for the MOD in a Military Medical Centre. Working and studying in this way allows me to earn as I learn so I can still afford trips and holidays while still chasing my career ambitions.

I really enjoy the job I currently have and I could never imagine myself not having a job or working it's a very important part of my self. I would in an ideal world love a job that allows me to travel and in studying for my degree I can hopefully achieve that dream. My ideal job would be to work in a British Embassy overseas or in the Diplomatic Service, both jobs that can offer me the opportunity to see the world whilst also feeding my interest for Foreign Affairs.

So although it will take me a while to get where I want to be career wise doing things the way I have still allows me to use my annual leave allowance, taking trips and experiencing new and exciting things along the way and also keeping me motivated to keep going with my studies and keep pushing myself to achieve my career goals. I think its all going to be about balance, making the most of the annual leave I do get planning trips carefully seeking out good deals picking up tips and tricks as I go.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

An Italian Adventure ~ Day One

Taking in Pompeii, Sorrento, The Island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast

Last week I took the plunge and went on my first ever Solo Travel trip! I decided to ease myself in gently by booking a long weekend trip to Italy with the travel company Busabout. I booked on to the Busabout Italian Adventure cramming a whole lot in to the short time here is what I got up to!

I met the Bus outside Plus Camping Roma where I had stayed over night its a camping village just outside of Rome very convenient and very inexpensive. Once on the bus I got chatting to a few of my fellow travellers and soon made some very good friends. Our first stop was the lost city of Pompeii, a place I have wanted to visit for so long. We were guided around the town by a local guide and she gave a very interesting and detailed tour which lasted around two hours. Pompeii is definitely worth visiting its so interesting to see what life was like in Roman times what the buildings looked like and there uses also all the tools and pots etc. everything almost perfectly preserved a real treat for any one interested in ancient history its like a snapshot in time.

After a spot of lunch we hit the road again on our way to Sorrento. We arrived at our campsite for the next few days dropped off our luggage, freshened up and then went into Sorrento to explore. As part of the tour we were scheduled to go to a Limonchello tasting at a cute little shop in the town owned and run by great guy called Tony, now I'm not a huge fan of the drink itself but he also sold Limoncello infused chocolate covered nuts which were just to die for. Having picked some chocolates to take home for the family we moved on to a look out over the Sorrento bay and en-route I picked up some Gelato and Prosecco to chill with before my evening meal.

After our meal we went to a local cocktail bar that did us a cheap deal on drinks and we all got suitably merry drinking numerous cocktails moving on from the normal sized cocktails to those big fishbowls fairly cheap too! We then decided to move on to a Karaoke bar because who doesn't love a spot of Karaoke huh?? I had an absolute ball getting to know my fellow travellers more and having a real laugh. We missed the last shuttle bus up to the top of the hill so we ended up walking, which I was none to please about but I made it back and in to bed safe and sound!

So this is just day one as you can already see we crammed so much in to the time we had check back soon for days two and three!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Favourite Foodie Snapchatters

If you're anything like me and love looking at gorgeous pictures on Instagram of Food and all the amazing places around the world to eat then stick with me! Its from this obsession that I discovered that some of the Instagram accounts I follow also use Snapchat as a way of showing me what gorgeous places they go to eat and the fun and frolics that follow this. So I decided to share with you today some of my favourite Foodie Snapchatters!

Devour Power
Snapchat Name: devourpower 

This is the first account I started following and My God I'm so glad I did, even if I do get massive food envy from watching their snaps. The account is ran by a cute couple that live in New York and everyday they visit some amazing restaurants and eateries snapping as they go. They are mostly New York based so if you are looking for some off the beaten track places to eat in New York you really must check them out. They will also share food snaps from any destinations they visit, on their recent trip to London they went to some amazing looking eateries that I'd never heard of but will certainly be checking out next time I'm in the capital.

Food with Michel 
Snapchat Name: foodwithmichel

I discovered Michel when he did a takeover of the Devour Power account and I loved his little day out in San Francisco I decided that I absolutely needed to follow him. Michel is LA based and again showcases the best that the LA food scene has to offer from Tacos to Korean BBQ he goes absolutely everywhere eating some amazing looking food, making me want to go back to LA just for the food. His fave place is a Korean BBQ spot that gives you this little table top BBQ to cook your meat on and then around the side are some little trays with Cheese and Corn that melts from the heat of the BBQ and he goes crazy for it and i must admit it does look good.

Stir and Style 
Snapchat Name: stirandstyle

I think I found this account from following her Instagram account and June is the nicest girl she so sweet on her snaps I love her. She is also LA based but does a bit of travelling and shares her foodie adventures too. June mixes food snaps with a look at her personal style (hence the name) so she also shares fashion items etc. with her followers. She does give a focus on more Asian cuisine and shows some of her home made creations to so a real balance. 

There are many more Foodie Snapchatters that I follow but these are my top three and I do look forward to seeing where they are and what they are eating each day. My food envy is from watching these snap stories is insane.

Let me know your favourite Foodie Snapchatters in the comments below?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Travel Pros and Cons

I know I'm quite new to the world of Travel but with most things in life I don't like going into situations anything less than prepared so I decided to make a Pros and Cons list of travel so that when I'm off on my travels there are no shocks to the system!


Freedom. Up until now I have always relied on other people to come away with me and although for the most part this hasn't been to stressful, I like the idea of solo travelling for the freedoms it will give me. If I want to go somewhere I can just book it an go (depending on annual leave approval), I don't need to think about if someone else wants to go to that destination too or if they will like what I would like to see and do. I like the idea that ill make memories unique to me and that I have wanted to make and I will experience things that I want to experience and not feel like I have to please anyone else this can be done on my terms.

Escapism. I'm not trying to run away from anything as such its more a break from the mundane for me. I have a Monday to Friday 9-5 kind of job which I do enjoy but sometimes things can become a bit samey as with most jobs and the days and weeks can feel like they roll into one another, so even just a change of scenery like trip away for a week or two or even a long weekend helps to break this up and helps me feel refreshed although I'm sure ill never feel ready to return to work, the thought doesn't seem as daunting after a break.

Learning. Travelling to any new country or culture is an opportunity to learn something new and I want to take full advantage of this experiencing it all for myself. I'm a huge history buff so I'm drawn to places that have a rich history and stories to tell. I love the idea of organised tours for this too as you usually get a knowledgeable guide who tells you everything you could possibly need to know.

Self Discovery. I've always been a little bit of a creature of habit and stayed well within my comfort zone, so I see solo travel as a way to push my boundaries and find out for myself what I like and what I don't. Its also a chance to see new places and discover new things find out who I really am, I want to prove to myself that I can do this by myself I and know ill be a better person for it.

Costs. I know you might well think this is a Con and it is a double edged sword featuring in both the Pros and Cons list. If you really do your research and planning you can find some incredible deals that make the costs of travelling low. Saving what money you can will soon add up and depending on what destinations you chose to visit you will find your money can go a long way, if you really want it there are always ways and means to make it happen.


Homesickness. I can get terribly homesick if I'm away from my family and home comforts for to long, and I've probably used this as an excuse to not get away more often,. But, with the advent of modern technology like Skype and What's App staying in contact with loved ones has never been easier, and lets face it being away from home for a little while is nothing compared to the experiences I will have and memories i will make that I can share with my family on my return.

Costs. Like i mentioned in the Pros the costs of travel have their Cons to. Depending on where it is you want to visit depends on how far your cash will stretch, you might well have saved money on flights and accommodation but you still have to factor in living costs as well and this can be the undoing of your whole trip. But with some careful planning prior to the trip you can be prepared, as long as you are aware of general costs before you go you are less likely to have any nasty surprises whilst away.

Anxiety. I have a real hang up that when I first meet new people that they wont like me and this all stems from someone making a snap judgement of me before actually getting to know me years ago now. But this has stuck with me and I always worry that ill make an awful first impression and i wont be able to make new friends, I know I shouldn't worry because I've been in plenty of new social situations since this and got along with people just fine and even made some new close friends over the years, so like i said in my Pros list putting myself out there will help me develop as a person and i hope soon this will no longer be an issue for me.

For me the Pros far out weigh the Cons and I really look forward to getting out there and seeing the world and all it has to offer!

What are your Travel Pros and Cons? Let me know in the comments below.

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